Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What would it be like to slowly transform into a special Infected?

Alfred&Sparky: Hiii!!!

Sparky: This is our new blog!

Alfred: Isn't it kewl!

Sparky: Sure is.

Alfred: Better be.

Sparky: And if you don't like it-

Alfred: We'll break you.

Sparky: Damn straight. Anyway, this week our topic is slowly- Screw it, they read the title.

Alfred: If you didn't, read it now.

Sparky: Mmhmm. Yes, so! Because our knowledge of L4D is extensive, but mostly based around Hunter for me and Smoker for Alfred, we're going to focus on those guys.

Alfred: We were talking about this in lunch today. We reckon that the first signs would be food starting to taste super bitter, because Infected can't eat anything but raw meat. I'll focus on Smoker because I love him. I reckon your tongue would start feeling really, really weird. And then the pustules would grow, which would be sorta hard to hide.

Sparky: If you were turning into a Hunter your teeth would get super hard. Your eyes would start feeling itchy, and then one morning you'd wake up and everything'd be super fuzzy. Now, some people say that Hunter's eyes just fall out, but I think they rot. So, your vision would be really off for about a day. And then, overnight I think, they'd just... disintegrate.

Alfred: Back to Smoker! One day, I think the person would be upset or angry or something like that, and they'd open their mouth and the tongue would just shoot out. Soon after that your breath would become short, you'd have a hard time breathing for a few days and you would start to stink a few days after that.

Sparky: And Hunter again! Your fingers would've gotten really sharp at this point, and you would be having trouble gripping anything without  scratching it. Your teeth'd start getting sharper. And I think from there it'd just be the persons posture slowly getting worse. Eventually you would start walking on all fours before walking on two feet. That's all I can think of. There isn't much change in the Hunter's transformation, excluding the loss of eyes.

Alfred: More Smoker, yay! At night you would glow a faint green if you puffed yourself out. It'd get slightly easier to breath again, and then there would just be the semi-constant coughing fits. That's all there is to it!

Sparky: Of course, if you were turning, it'd happen really quickly.

Alfred: That's right, really, really quickly. That's why you would lose your mind in the process.

Sparky: That's it for the week! Hope you liked it! Follow, comment and laugh at our insane conversations!

Alfred: Don't laugh at us.

Sparky: Yeah, don't.

Alfred&Sparky: Bye!


  1. Cool Sparky! You two are so into L4D. Love the blog! :)

  2. Can you try and explain L4D to someone like me who no absoloutly nothing about L4D?

  3. Ah, but what if I do laugh? Hmmm? Then what?

    Just kidding, I didn't laugh. *thinks* well, I don't think I did...

  4. Laughing... Why would we laugh? You're not insane or anything like that's so what's to... Oh who am I kidding! *laughs*

    Great blog though!